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About Us

Our Story

After 20 years working in and around the road marking industry and with a state government decision to outsource activities, Rick and Debbie Gloster saw an opportunity to build a business to better service the needs of the City of Greater Geelong, Western and Regional Victoria. Southern Highway Services established a central location in Geelong and shortly after Horsham to efficiently service the needs of customers outside of Metropolitan Melbourne and the Western areas of Victoria.

• 1998 - Southern Highway Services is formed
• 1999 – SHS opens it’s first depot in Rutland St, Newtown
• 1999 – SHS opens Horsham Location to service major contracts with Vicroads, local government and road contractors in Western Victoria
• 2000 – Partner in Geelong Road Signs & Lines to manufacture and install road signs & service various council and commercial line marking contracts
• 2012 – Purchase Grayling St Depot and Offices to support continued growth of business
• 2017 – Design and build new commercial offices at Grayling St. The new construction is recognized, being awarded the 2018 Regional Building Awards (South West Region) for Excellence in Construction of Commercial Buildings

Our Leaders

Rick Gloster – General Manager
A qualified mechanic, Rick grew up working for the Country Roads Board in Geelong, repairing and maintaining their plant fleet. After leaving the “Plant Branch”, Rick took up a role as a Technical Officer in operations with Vicroads South Western Region and later Sprayline as a Line marking Manager responsible for linemarking in state.
In the true spirit of Australian small business, Rick started Southern Highway Services from scratch. Purchasing plant and equipment, hiring crew, securing contracts and executing work, like most small business owners, Rick quickly became a jack of all trades. With help from his wife Debbie who would complete office administration on their weekends, SHS quickly grew on the back of a strong foundation of customer service and industry expertise.
Over the last 22 years Rick has developed strong relationships with sealing companies, councils & sub-contractors. These personal interactions have been built on integrity and a genuine desire to deliver a reliable service has led to the continued growth and success of SHS. Employing 25 people in Geelong and Horsham, Rick has overseen the development of the company’s quality standards, capital investment in new plant and equipment and remained across industry standards and regulations. Customer retention and contract renewals have allowed SHS to be successful the market.

Scope and Context of the Organisation

Southern Highway Services is an established company, providing Line and road marking services, Sign Manufacture and installation as well as Road Maintenance activities to a wide variety of customers in an era of continuous change, workforce downsizing and an overall direction towards greater use of the Contracting industry. The business aims to be the best provider in Australia of all round Road Maintenance Service with a focus on meeting the needs of customers in a competitive and expanding business environment.
As part of our service, the Company also offers trained and experienced staff for the provision of administrative and planning functions associated with all types of Road Maintenance activities, including contract surveillance and management. The Company is capable of satisfying any type of Road Maintenance related specification, with customer service being of highest priority to the business.
Work is carried out to all specified requirements for a Customer base which includes State Government Departments, Local Government, the Contracting industry, Developers and other private Clients.

Compliance with Relevant ISO Standards

This Management System has been prepared based on the general requirements of ISO 9000, Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.
It is designed to provide the necessary business controls to ensure conformance to our Clients specified requirements. In this regard, the system identifies the requirements of the ISO standard which provide assurance of critical procedures that control both the process and verification of technical compliance. The system is aimed at identifying opportunities for improvement and elimination of inconsistencies in work processes and ensuring that Client requirements can be achieved to a mutually acceptable standard.
Although complying with the general requirements of the respective standards, formal accreditation to this level has not been sought.

Our Products and Services

The specific products and services that the company provides is focussed around Line and road marking activities, Sign manufacture, sign installation and all types of road Maintenance activities. However, in addition to this core business, the Company can, and does, undertake and deliver a range of other types of road related services, including the provision of technical and administrative advice and/or support to clients. In delivering our service, Southern Highway Services and Geelong Road Signs & Lines are innovative and creative in adapting new technologies and materials into their products and services to ensure that the best practices and outputs are achieved.

The company actively seeks and encourages feedback from customers on a wide range of performance related issues, including both current and future requirements or opportunities, and, feedback on past performance. The method of ensuring appropriate outcomes from customer feedback, including complaints, is to recognise and formalise, as appropriate, those issues related to the Management System. Where the issue, or complaint is a formal breach of the requirements of the Management System, Client Specification or operational defect, the details are recorded and addressed by the General Manager.
The General Manager will routinely formally seek feedback from our Clients as each Project is completed to seek comments on our performance. This feedback is considered as a part of our annual management review and enables the Company to set new objectives and goals for the Company to further grow and develop into the best service provider of our products in Australia.

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